• Level: All
  • Lessons: 20 per week in group
  • Schedule: M-F 8: 00am-12: m.d. / 1: 00pm-5: 00 pm
  • Requirements: None



Our university program abroad offers a wide selection of courses with different academic subjects such as Business, International Development, Medicine, Education, Environment, etc., as well as general courses (history, culture) and international internships.

Students are immersed in culture and language as soon as they arrive to Costa Rica. In addition to their formal university courses, they study Spanish for four hours a day from Monday to Friday

The programs of Lapa Verde Spanish School integrate university courses, Spanish classes, family houses, excursions and leisure activities (cooking classes, dancing, fruits ..). The Spanish instructors of Lapa verde Spanish School are university students, native speakers professionals in the teaching of Spanish and education.

The university courses available through Lapa verde Spanish School range from 100 to 300 and include topics as diverse as international business, economic and social development, environment and sustainability, history, health systems and more. Studying plans are available for all courses offered.