Intensive Courses

Sep - 28

Intensive Courses

Intensive 20: 20 group lessons

  • Super Intensive 25: 20 group lessons + 5 private lessons
  • Intensive Extra 30: 20 group lessons + 10 private lessons
  • Level: all levels



This Intensive Course offers the maximum number of Special Interest lessons to ensure the students that will successfully meet their goals during their time in Costa Rica: in addition to their classroom classes, you can add lessons focused on your professional and personal growth, prepare for The University or train in culture and art.

Highly recommended for students who want to learn a language as quickly as possible for academic or professional purposes. This perfectly structured study program comprises between 25 and 30 lessons (depending on the Intensive or Super Intensive mode) morning and afternoon (with a total of 25 hours). The student will speak and write safely in the shortest time.

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